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Captain J.B. Peart   BIOGRAPHY

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Portrait of the writer and illustrator Marian Ada. Peart, circa 1930
Framed (ref: 6641)
Signed, indistinctly inscribed verso 'Portrait of [...] Peart'
Oil on canvas
75 x 62 cm


Provenance: Bernard Blaine Withey; private collection

Exhibited at the RBSA,1937-38?.

Marian Ada Peart, artist, illustrator and writer, was born in Laverton, Somerset the daughter of a Church of England clergyman.  She was a member of the short-lived New Autumn Group and participated in their first exhibition at Gieves Galleries, Old Bond Street, London in November 1925. Peart also exhibited at Nottingham Castle Museum between 1933 and 1938 and a sketch by her is illustrated in Drawing & Design, November 1925. She is not known to have exhibited under her married name of Vance and her death was recorded in the Mendip district of Somerset.

Peart wears a distinctive hairstyle-a short waved bob  much in vogue  between the early-1920s and mid-1930s . Her bare arms and the deep neckline suggest a date towards the later 1920s, when she would have been in her late thirties.  Her striking  sleeveless bolero give her a Bohemian air,  the embroidered  naturalistic floral motifs  representing appliqué-work perhaps  by the artist herself or a folk-type garment of non-western European origins. 

We are grateful to Jayne Shrimpton for her assistance.

Kiki the sacred cat and other stories written and illustrated by M A Peart. Published by Oxford University Press, 1941.
Over The Moon written and illustrated by M A Peart. Published by A.& C. Black Ltd., 1927.
Toby : A dog with a job written and illustrated by M A Peart. Published by Oxford University Press,1930.
The White Stocking by D. H. Lawrence with front cover illustrated by M. A. Peart. Published by Dawson, 1914.

Captain J.B. Peart

Peart exhibited at the RBSA,1937-38.

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