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Charles Cundall (1890-1971)  BIOGRAPHY

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Study of submarines at The Holy Loch 
£ 475

Open goods wagon 
£ 340

The Pool of London 
£ 195

Townscape with terraced housing 
£ 425

Brewery sketch Watneys, circa1953 
£ 575

Crowd watching a regatta 
£ 200

Garage behind town houses 
£ 675

Sketch for Prospect Mills 
£ 975

Sketch for Fair at Waterville Co Kerry 
£ 975

The Duomo, Assisi, early 1920s 
£ 9750

Two sketches of Cannes, 1964-65 
£ 1350

Le Suquet at Cannes 
£ 1950

Study for Scapa Flow, c.1943 
£ 1275

Royal naval vessels in harbour 
£ 1475

Sketch for Stourport Power Station 
£ 1450

Steel Company of Wales 
£ 950

Steel Company of Wales 
£ 425

Study for ‘Excavation in Park Lane’’ 
£ 2850

Study for Hastings Cricket Ground 
£ 1900

Study for The Thames at Windsor – A... 
£ 1450

Warwick Castle 
£ 975

B. Sketch for Demolition of St Thomas 
£ 600

Seine Bookstalls & Fishermen 
£ 2450

Complete contents of the London... 
£ 3800

Study of Apsley gate from Hyde Park 
£ 460

Study for The Hipper at Kiel, c. 1945 
£ 1275

Figures in front of the Garibaldi... 
£ 530

Henley Royal Regatta, 1959 

The Meta Sudans in Rome as a War... 
£ 610

Study of arms and hands 
£ 1475

Sketch for Cattle Market Newport, 1949 
£ 1000

Calm in the Baltic, 1935  
£ 1200

Red brick house in field 
£ 650

Study for Cricket match 
£ 600

Ballybricken Fair, Waterford, 1936 
£ 2900

Study for Laying the Commemoration... 
£ 8400

View of the village 
£ 620

Chateau de St Andre 
£ 1275

Coronation Stand 
£ 920

Approaching the bridge, 1935 
£ 2000

Demolishing the Walls of Paris, 1922 
£ 10000

Notre Dame and Pont de LArcheveche 
£ 4500

Tuilleries Gardens, 1955 
£ 4500

Pont Neuf, 1952 
£ 2800

Concours des pêcheurs, 1950's 
£ 4620

Warwick Castle 
£ 640

Lockheed Hudson, c.1942 
£ 2350

Lancaster Bombers 

Study for St Paul’s Cathedral 

Newport, 1963 

Quai des Grands Augustins 

Le Pont d'Avignon, 1963 

Study for Hipper at Kiel, c.1945 

Possibly a study for Tobermory from... 

Study for Coastal Operational... 

Morning: view along the Thames 

Study at the foot of the Pont D'Avignon 

Three men in a boat 

View of the Louvre from the Seine 

Study for Dunkirk Paddle Boat 

Apsley gate, Hyde Park 

Antibes, 1955 

Cricket Score 

Sketch for Cattle Market Newport, 1949 

Landscape study 

Study for Tobermory from the... 

Flagship of the anti-submarine... 

Possibly a study for Bordeaux Refugees 

Men on a Submarine 

Hastings Net House, 1947 

Steel Company of Wales 

Steel Company of Wales 

Passing traffic 

Steel Company of Wales 

Loading freight trains 

Abbey Works Port Talbot 

Study for The Thames at Windsor – A... 

The Embankment 

Palace of Westminster 

Sketch for Prospect Mills 

From the Terrace, Monte Carlo, 1956 

Study for Motor Launches 

Sketch for Stourport Power Station I 

Faial, Madeira, 1962 

Study of a Sunderland 

Study for Lancasters 

Boats arriving in harbour, circa 1940 

Study of Apsley gate from Hyde Park... 

A Royal Fleet Auxiliary oil tanker... 

Sketch for Stourport Power Station II 

The Steel Company of Wales 

In the Tuileries Gardens 

Cannes, 1964-5 

D69 -HMS Vendetta, circa 1940 

Mixer at Glen Moriston, circa 1950 

The Face Pack 

Study for The Demolition of Waterloo... 

Haunted House, Observation Post, 1916 

Lucca Italy 1966 

The Artist's Garden 

Wellington Bomber, circa 1942 

Anticoli Corrardo, 1922 

Italian Vineyard, circa 1922 

Porta Capuana, Naples, 1920's 

The cattle market Orvieto, 1922 

Study for ‘The Demolition of... 

Avro Anson of Coastal Command above... 

Industrial view, c 1930 

Cyclists and pedestrians by the docks 

Study for Motor Launches 

Study for a painting of the Steel... 

Houghton Village and Amberley Chalk Pit 

Bantry Bay, c. 1946 

The BBC recording at the Camden Theatre 

St Paul’s and London from the Thames 

Sunderland and Hangar, circa 1940 

Melcombe Bay, Newport, 1930s 

Wear Bridge Sunderland, circa 1930 

Porthmadog Harbour, Gwynedd 

Panoramic estuary view 

In the Bay, 1947 

Rome: the Tiber island, Isola Tiberina 

Lancaster MK. I, circa 1942 

Hatson Airfield, Orkney, circa 1941 

Dusk, Anticoli Corrado, 1921 

New York, Coenties Slip, circa 1940 

Tuscan Landscape, 1930s 

Tuscan Landscape, 1930s